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What are the uses of plastic optical fiber lighting?

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Due to the unique advantages of plastic optical fiber lighting materials, optical fiber lighting materials have been widely used in various occasions, and are constantly replacing traditional lighting products, which are increasingly welcomed and recognized by the public.

1. Interior decoration

In interior decoration, the whole body luminous plastic optical fiber is used to form the corridor line. The effect is uniform brightness and soft light color. The use of halo lighting, more three-dimensional feeling. In the hall, the ceiling at the top of the hall simulates the star effect with end luminous optical fiber, which makes people have the reverie of infinite space.

On the bar, the end face luminous plastic optical fiber is installed to make the bar more gorgeous and unique. Now many large KTVs and bars use plastic optical fiber lighting.

2. Waterscape lighting

The waterscape loses its charming scenery without lighting, and unsafe lighting brings hidden dangers to tourists. As the plastic optical fiber lighting realizes photoelectric separation, it is an absolutely safe green lighting in waterscape. Plastic optical fiber lighting not only makes the water color more beautiful and moving when lighting for the water itself, but also can use the whole body luminous plastic optical fiber to outline the corridor line of the pool. The luminous body and water are integrated into one, and the colorful and gorgeous water posture and the outline of the pool form a coordinated line beauty.

3. Urban architecture

In the brilliance project, it is the most common application example to outline the building outline with the whole body luminous plastic optical fiber. Especially for the image architecture of a city, the colorful lines make the architectural outline more spectacular in the night. At the same time, in the plastic optical fiber lighting, the light color can be used to make the buildings change with the season, and only the light source part needs to be treated during replacement and maintenance. For the places installed in high-rise buildings that are not suitable for maintenance or replacement of lamps, the substitution of optical fiber will show its advantages.

4. Swimming pool

The most important thing for swimming pool lighting is to consider safety, and plastic optical fiber lighting is the preferred safety lighting mode. The whole body luminous plastic optical fiber is used as the dividing line of the swimming lane, which is beautiful and clear.

5. Museums, flammable and explosive places

As the plastic optical fiber lighting is a cold light source without ultraviolet rays, it will not accelerate the aging of valuable objects. Plastic optical fiber lighting can be photoelectric separated, suitable for flammable and explosive occasions, safe and reliable.

6. Landscaping, subway tunnel, other occasions


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