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Difference between light guide strip and diffuser

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he key functions of LED diffuser are:

1. Scatter the luminous flux to make the light evenly distributed (some composite diffusion plates can not only make the light symmetrical, but also manipulate the exit angle).

2. The LED backlight structure of the support point ensures that the lower optical glass will not be damaged.

The key functions of the light guide strip are:

1. Correctly guide the uniform distribution of LED flat panel light source in all parallel planes, and the leading role is to correctly guide the spread of light sources.

2. Apply the reflection mechanism to make more rational use of luminous flux and manipulate the spread of light.

Differences in main uses:

1. The light guide strip is applicable to LED lighting lamps with straight down lamp source, such as grid lamp panel and high-grade aluminum profile lamp.

2. The diffuser is suitable for side light source LED lighting lamps, such as flat panel lamps and technical professional film viewing lamps, and is generally used together with the light guide strip.

3. The diffuser is mainly used for some low-level general LED lamps.


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