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Concept and application of notch light guide strip | notch light guide | optical tooth light guide s

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Notch light guide strip | notch light guide | optical tooth light guide strip

Application: Automobile daily running lamp, tail lamp, turn signal lamp, interior atmosphere lamp, electronic and electrical products, toys, luminous decoration, etc.

Optical transmission length: the maximum length of light supplied at one end is 80cm. It is recommended to polish at both ends. The length shall not exceed 150cm, and the effect is good.


*Round, φ 5mm, 6mm, custom diameter acceptable;

*Square, 4 * 4; 5*5; 6*6; 8*8; 10*10mm

Material: acrylic (PMMA)

Applicable temperature: - 40 ~ 116 ℃

Melting temperature: 240 ℃

White light transmittance: 92%, excellent light transmission, soft light and dazzling

Service life: 6-8 years

Flame resistance: flame retardant, can continue to burn after leaving the fire

Weather resistance: UV resistance

Chemical resistance: weak acid and alkali resistance

Thermal deformation temperature: > 104 ℃

Bending strength: 110MPa


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