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Side light optical fiber

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The side light optical fiber is also called the whole body light-emitting optical fiber, which can carry out point light-emitting and line light-emitting, and change the color at will; Soft, can bend and shape freely; Safety, energy saving, environmental protection and maintenance free; Waterproof and UV resistant; Long service life and wide application range. The light is evenly scattered along the length of the optical fiber, and the halo is used to achieve the decorative effect. Because the PVC coating contains anti ultraviolet aging substances, the side light optical fiber with PVC coating is suitable for outdoor use. The side light optical fiber can outline the object or form various artistic shapes. Due to its long service life, it is widely used to outline the outline of buildings, pools, swimming pools, cave lighting, road guidance of corridors, stairs and underground tunnels, as well as indoor optical fiber line lights (KTV, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, museums) or line lights and shapes in water bodies.

In addition to conventional side light optical fiber varieties, we also produce super bright side light optical fiber. The side light is brighter and the side light effect is better. It is suitable for luminous shoelaces, pet luminous necklaces, luminous fireplaces, luminous shoes and hats, luminous necklaces, luminous belts, luminous socks, luminous handbags, etc. The diameter of small diameter side optical fiber is 1.5mm and 1.0mm. The super bright type is used in electronic equipment and toys.

Ssof-3, ssof-4, ssof-5 and ssof-6, which are super bright side light optical fibers, are now emerging for the lighting decoration of the internal or external contour of the automobile, with transparent, soft but not dazzling and colorful color effects. When used for car exterior decoration, it will show a gradual halo from light to dark or dark to light when the car is speeding, just like a meteor

1、 Performance parameters:

1. Core material: propionate

2. Leather material: fluororesin

3. Numerical aperture: 0.65

4. Refractive index of core material: 1.49

5. Minimum bending radius: ≥ 10d (D is the fiber diameter)

4. Applicable temperature range: - 10oC ~ 80oC

2、 Performance characteristics:

1. High transmittance, more than 90%, long light guide distance, single side lighting up to 40m, suitable for outdoor long-distance decorative lighting

2. Good flexibility, can be bent at will, easy modeling and easy installation

3. It can transmit full spectrum visible light, and the light color is uniform throughout the body

4. Due to its low temperature resistance, it is not easy to be used in the working environment above 80oC for a long time.

3、 Application field

1. Outdoor decoration, especially suitable for square garden and water environment decoration and lighting.

2. Interior decoration is more suitable for indoor lighting. It is mainly used for outline drawing, floor, ceiling line lights, corridor handrails and corridor passages.

2. Furniture decoration

3. Home appliance decoration

4. Automotive interior atmosphere lamp

5. Yacht ship decoration lighting

6. Guiding lighting of cinema step corridor

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