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Do you know what a light guide is?

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The light guide strip is a part of the lighting of lamp commodities, which is approximately composed of lamp source and light guide. Generally, the lighting lamps with decoration function in the car can set off the atmosphere in the car, and can be randomly selected according to their own love and requirements. Then, the small editor below will explain what the material of the lower light guide strip is. If necessary, you can understand it.

1、 What material is the light guide strip

It is generally PVC material and TPU material or optical fiber material. It has the advantages of low output power consumption, mild light, no ultraviolet light, colorful colors and ductility. At the same time, it can be cut into all complex shapes. It also has the characteristics of long application time, convenient installation and operation, and laser cutting at will.

2、 What is a light guide

In fact, the light guide strip is the optical fiber. It is divided into two types from the aspect of temperature resistance characteristics. One is a basic type, which is suitable for the temperature of minus 10 ° to 70 °, which is mostly seen in the decoration design of home appliances in rooms and their furniture. In addition, one is a temperature resistant type, which is applicable to the temperature from minus 40 ° to 120 °, and the lighting lamps are designed with reference to outdoor, automobile and other decoration. The color of the light guide strip is rich and colorful, such as full transparency, transparent color fog white and its colorful. Different colors can be selected according to the requirements of various design schemes.

3、 Light guide strips are divided into several categories

The light guide strip is divided into soft plastic light guide strip and hard light guide strip according to the material.

1. Soft plastic light guide strip

In fact, it is a light guide strip with soft material and can be rolled. It has two kinds of laminated glass fiber and polymer materials. One is the soft light guide produced by the whole bundle of laminated glass fiber, and the other is made of unique acrylic plate as the inner layer and fluoroepoxy resin as the surface coating.

2. Hard light guide strip

In fact, the light guide strips that are hard and can not be rolled are generally processed by injection molding or plastic molding. The materials are dominated by PMMA, PC, PS and other clear materials.

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