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What is an all-optical fiber?

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The uncoated side optical fiber is also called the all-optical fiber. The optical fiber transmits light and emits light without heating and conducting electricity; Only visible light, almost infrared and ultraviolet; Low light loss and strong light transmittance; Good flexibility and easy processing; Point line combination, more artistic. It can carry out point luminescence and line luminescence, and change colors at will; Soft, can bend and shape freely; Safety, energy saving, environmental protection and maintenance free; Waterproof and UV resistant; Long service life and wide application range. Optical fiber lighting can create crystal starry sky, twelve constellations, meteor shower and starry wind waterfall; Water waterfall, optical fiber curtain wall, vertical curtain, three-dimensional mirror painting; Modeling chandelier, Avenue of stars, halo outline and other gorgeous and colorful effects. The color is soft, dreamy, exquisite and elegant. It gives you a romantic and warm atmosphere and relaxes your tired body and mind. It is a beautiful means of lighting expression. The light is evenly scattered along the length of the optical fiber, and the halo is used to achieve the effect of decoration. Because the PVC coating contains anti ultraviolet aging substances, the side light optical fiber with PVC coating is suitable for outdoor use. Side light optical fiber can outline objects or form various artistic shapes because of its long service life.

The application of side light optical fiber light guide brings a new solution for vehicle lighting. By virtue of its excellent light guide and elastomer characteristics, it can realize any design you want. The light guide strip has the characteristics of excellent flexibility, uniform luminous brightness and excellent hue stability. In addition, the customizable section greatly improves the flexibility of design.

Characteristics of side optical fiber:

Side optical fiber

Flexible transmission, used in optical fiber lamps and optical fiber decoration projects, can produce colorful, dreamy visual effects

Cold light source, long life, no ultraviolet, photoelectric separation

Side lighting, long light guide distance and uniform light guide

Application fields of side optical fiber:

Building outline light guide and swimming pool light guide lighting

Cave lighting and road guidance for corridors, stairs and underground tunnels, as well as indoor fiber-optic line lights

Automobile optical fiber atmosphere lamp, digital electronic products, shell contour light guide

Suitable for luminous shoelaces, pet luminous necklaces, luminous fireplaces, luminous shoes and hats, luminous necklaces, luminous belts, luminous socks, luminous handbags, etc


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