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Advantages of optical fiber sensing system?

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Modern society is in the process of rapid development. Optical fiber sensor is indispensable to human beings, because we need the network, more need the network to transmit information quickly, have more information storage, and so on.

(1) High sensitivity

Because light is an electromagnetic wave with very short wavelength, its optical length passes through the phase of light. Taking the optical fiber interferometer as an example, because the diameter of the optical fiber used is very small, its optical length will change under the action of small mechanical external force or temperature change, resulting in large phase change.

(2) Anti electromagnetic interference, electrical insulation and corrosion resistance

Because the optical fiber sensor uses light wave to transmit information, and the optical fiber is an electrically insulated, corrosion-resistant transmission medium and reliable, it can be easily used in various large-scale Electromechanical, petrochemical, mine and other strong electromagnetic interference, flammable and explosive and other harsh environments.

(3) Fast measurement speed

Light has fast propagation speed and can transmit two-dimensional information, so it can be used for high-speed measurement. The analysis of radar and other signals requires a very high detection rate, which is difficult to achieve by using electronic methods. It can be solved by using the high-speed spectrum analysis of light diffraction phenomenon.

(4) Large information capacity

The measured signal takes light wave as the carrier, and the frequency of light is very high, and the frequency band is very wide. The same optical fiber can transmit multiple signals. (5) Suitable for harsh environments

Optical fiber is a kind of dielectric, which is resistant to high voltage, corrosion and electromagnetic interference. It can be used in harsh environments that other sensors cannot adapt to. In addition, optical fiber sensor also has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, winding, wide measurement objects, good reusability and low cost.


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